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The European Union warned Orban before his visit to Moscow

They said that Putin should represent the common position of the European Union.

the euronews European Parliament warned Victor Urbanwho – which Russian President Vladimir Putin You want to split the European Union, so the Hungarian prime minister must represent a common European position in Moscow. Natalie LoisoHead of the European Parliament’s Security and Defense Subcommittee Euronews that dialogue is important, Emmanuel Macron The French president will also speak with Putin on Friday, but he will try to divide the European Union, which will test its unity in the future.

The French politician sincerely hopes Victor Urban Realizing what’s at stake, he sticks to the EU’s message. about it David McAllister“It is important to make the message clear,” said the head of the Foreign Affairs Committee, “Moscow, with its transatlantic partners in the 27 member states, supports the sovereignty and territorial integrity of all European countries, so any military attack on Ukraine will have serious consequences.

The European Parliament is not in Moscow, but to Ukraine Send a delegation to express the united support of the European Union. According to Natalie Loiso, this is also important because Ukraine is also subject to disinformation attacks that the EU is divided over the Russia-Ukraine crisis. There will be no Hungarian members of the delegation. The delegation will hold talks in Kiev on the same day as Viktor Orban is in Moscow with Vladimir Putin.

European Union foreign ministers on Monday strongly condemned Moscow’s aggressive actions against Ukraine, explaining in a statement that European security is one and indivisible, and that the concept of spheres of influence has no place in the 21st century. The European Union Foreign Affairs Council reiterated that the European Union supports Ukraine’s independence, autonomy and territorial integrity within its internationally recognized borders.

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