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The ex-partner of GwM became a TV presenter: Melanie can be seen on this channel – Home star

The country hit the name great Melanie in one fell swoop in January: Her mother of two children grew into the thousands on social media in just a few days, and many wondered how she would experience the fall of her children’s father, GwM, in love with Edina Kolksar.

on January 17 Edina Kulcsár and GwM’s post made a huge impact Stagnant water on Instagram: They were told through a joint photo that they were forming a party. The news has raised a lot of dust because both recently left their long relationship, the beauty queen announced her divorce three days ago, as the rapper announced on January 3, He has been away from his wife and two children for a month.

The great Melanie became an introduction

The great Melanie first responded to the news in the form of an Insta Story, then They are in focus In a first interview, he told me, crying, that he’s wearing a breakup. He soon realized that he should not be sad for too long, he should be strong for the sake of his children. As a first step, he began looking for a job.

It was important to her to be able to work in a place where her hours are flexible, because she is raising two young children: her young son, Mark, will be two this year, and her daughter Melanie, who will be five. February. Fortunately for her, the management of Dekh Radio decided to launch a women’s program, so she went to them for an interview, after which they were registered.

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Two of them run Zha Shej with co-star Sandy Mizari. They both have a degree in International Relations from the university, so they have the same interests. They cover important topics on radio programs such as black tourism or the role of women in economic recovery.

The great Melanie and Sandy Misari have already spoken to Gabriella Jakubcic, among others.

The great Melanie and Sandy Misari have already spoken to Gabriella Jakubcic, among others.

Photo: Facebook / Dekh Media

The show will also be televised every Sunday starting April 10. The first part has already been filmed on Al-Dikh channel. The concept is similar here too: when it comes to the stars, it’s about things that are important to the hosts.

“Our secret goal is for minority and majority communities to open up to each other, and we want to dismantle some of the stereotypes that Roma are very diverse, deal with a lot of things and love to talk about different topics,” Melanie Nagy said. breakfast as a guest.

The great Melanie in Megastar

In 2008, Melanie Nagy starred in the fourth season of the talent show Megastar on TV2. On YouTube there is a video of them preparing for the semi-finals with Nguyen Thanh Hin and then moving on after their singing.

This time around, Nóra Szily’s guest will be Dr. Liza Lukács, Crisis Counselor, who will be looking for answers to tough questions about the factors that may be behind emotional eating. They also talk about shortcomings and possible solutions: How can we deal with this problem that affects so many people? Among other things, we will get an answer for these evenings at the Femina Club in April.

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The exact details of the evening can be found here: Femina. hu/feminaklub

Tickets are only available online, click here to buy!

Date: April 25, 2022 at 6 PM
Venue: Joseph Attila Theatre

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Cover photo: RTL Club / Focus