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The exact date you received on E3 is Diablo II Resurrected

E3 2021

A modified version of perhaps the most famous hack ‘n’ slash game in the world has received a new first preview.

06/20/2021 13:51 | Greg | Class: E3 2021

To this day, many recognize the fantasy role-playing genre Diablo II, although this is not its oldest representative. Another problem is that it is one of the most popular to date. While fans are waiting for the fourth part of the franchise, Blizzard He also gets his hit ring off the shelf and resells by shaking it well in his pants.

a Diablo II resurrected Accordingly, it offers a return to familiar ancient sites with a completely renewed visual world. Of course, all this is now available for computers in addition to existing consoles.

Blizzard at this year’s E3, to be exact Microsoft and the Bethesda As part of his joint presentation, he posted the latest preview of the game. Most importantly, it turns out at the end of the video that Diablo II Resurrected will be released on September 23. Anyone who pre-orders the game on the official website will be able to access the planned beta sooner. ■

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Diablo II resurrected

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