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The famous musician was robbed and beaten in broad daylight in Paris

A shocking attack occurred on the famous young Swiss violinist Julie Berthollet, who reported the incident on Instagram. The young woman was robbed with a knife on the open street, not for the first time, after which she decided to leave Paris and return to her motherland. Recently, crime in the French capital has increased significantly, robberies have increased, and the number of scammers and thieves specializing in tourism has increased. V4NA International news agency.

The publication reveals that the attack took place a few days ago in Paris, where he has lived for five years. In broad daylight in the downtown Ninth District, a man armed with a knife threatened the young woman, then took the woman’s jewelry, necklace, bracelet, and three rings and fled. Berthollet did not leave it there, he tried to get the jewelry back, but the guy pushed him so hard that he fell down the steps of the subway stairs. Fortunately, he was unhurt, but was completely shocked that none of the people around him helped him, and the others watched the scene with utter indifference.

Julie BertholletSource: Agence France-Presse / Valerie Hach

The young woman told about what happened on the program La Matinale on CNews, and, according to her statement, was very surprised by the inhumanity of the witnesses. Julie Berthollet didn’t expect anyone to confront the armed robber, but she felt so bad No one asked him if he was okay after the attack. The young woman also talked about how she was brought up in such a way that if she saw someone crying or lying on the floor, she would ask if she could help him, but no one asked her about it. The only person who cared was an employee of the public transport company RATP, while the others were waiting for the metro to arrive and get on.

In an interview with the Swiss newspaper L’illustrĂ©, Julie Berthollet said that this was not the first time she had been robbed in the French capital and that she had decided to leave Paris, where she had lived for five and a half years, and to return home to Switzerland. The report also shows that Shortly before the knife-wielding attacker, another man tried to steal his mobile phone from him, but he was unsuccessful. The 25-year-old violinist said he could no longer stand the crime and public insecurity in Paris. Julie Berthollet also spoke about how she and her younger sister Camille, who is also a musician, lived in Paris for five and a half years and was always careful to avoid unnecessary hazards, only driving in safe areas, and avoiding eye contact. With suspicious people, they usually wear loose tracksuits, their phones weren’t clearly held in their hands and they don’t walk alone on the street at night. The young woman has been very exhausted since the attack, sleeps poorly and constantly sees the face of the robber in front of her. Julie Berthollet is currently in Switzerland, but once she returns to Paris, she will file a complaint about what happened.

The full article is V4NA on the side readable.

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