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The first major update for PlayStation 5 has been released

The new firmware can free up some space on the console’s SSD, but it requires an external storage device.

PlayStation 5 has been receiving software updates continuously since its release, but the first major package has just been released, which will provide two important additions as well as a number of minor improvements. The main change is that the console now supports copying installed games designed for PlayStation 5 to a compatible external USB storage device. Although the content here cannot be booted because it is not on a very fast SSD, the process can save space for the user, and if you want to run the copied application again, it is faster to copy it again from the USB storage instead of downloading it again. Or, install from an optical disk.

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By the way, games designed for PlayStation 4 can not only be copied, but also played from a USB storage device, so it is not necessary to store them to an SSD on the device. By the way, Sony is constantly working on firmware that will allow you to expand the device’s storage capacity, but that should wait, for now, the aforementioned feature is the only realistic way if storage space is needed.

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Another innovation is beneficial to both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 console owners, as newcomers can now share their game screen with users who own the old system, or even share control using the Share Play feature, or the fun of collaborating too.

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