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The first photo of Timothée Chalamet when Willy Wonka arrives and starts the meme factory

If Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (or Made in the ’70s Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory) You’ve been wondering all the time about how good it is, but how Willy Wonka became the owner of a cranky and eccentric factory, we have good news, as soon an entire movie will be devoted to this story. And Paul King will do it all, which has already stole in our hearts with Parts 1 and 2 of Paddington, so even though this sequel/prev/ sequel maker fever is a bit tired, we’re hopeful.

At the moment, in the movie running only under the title Wonka, Timothée Chalamet plays the protagonist, a young version of Willy Wonka, whose first picture has already arrived, in which we can see the actor in a burgundy jacket instead of the classic purple:

And with that, the Meme Factory began, as many famous characters are more reminiscent of Wonka’s appearance. For example, Gonzo from the 1992 film A Christmas Song for the Muppets:

But it’s also possible that Willy Wonka isn’t a secret, but Butcher Bell is getting a movie advance from the New York teams. Let’s not say that, we will also consider …

Then someone thinks that Chalam in this outfit is similar to Somalil, which we learned from the beautiful tale Lorax, although to be honest, we don’t see that often…

Anyway, in addition to the photo above, we immediately got a second photo of the film, although this does not show Chalamet, but Willy Wonka’s walking stick:

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According to current plans, Wonka will be shown in US cinemas on March 17, 2023, so we have to wait until now to find out how the title character met the umpa blocks. We just have nerves!