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The first pictures of the new Silent Hill may have been leaked

There was a rumor that Konami would bring back the Silent Hill series, and it’s now fleshing out some screenshots – the four images leaked the other day are said to be from the new project.

AestheticGamer aka Dusk Golem He’s leaked a lot on the Resident Evil front in the past and seems to be well aware of Silent Hill as well. Some of the photos posted the other day, which he claims are actually from the new part of the series, admit that the screenshots will capture the project in its 2020 state, so maybe the actual development has changed a lot since then.

By the way, the leaker only briefly commented on the photos, from his message it seems that the names Anita and Maya will be important for the story, as well as SMS – based on these, scenes, mental health and self-esteem will play a central role in the material. In both cases, Konami took the photos from Twitter, citing copyright, suggesting they may be real.

It’s been a long rumor that Konami will bring back the Silent Hill series, and it’s been rumored that not only is a new sequel being made – that’s confirmed by AestheticGamer. Earlier news reported that a popular Japanese studio and Polish team Bloober are also working on Silent Hill. The latter has already officially announced its collaboration with the publisher, but so far there has been no talk of Silent Hill.