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The first QD-OLED TV is coming next year

If all goes well, Samsung will be on the scene early next year with its OLED panel-based product with quantum dots.

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we are used to we wrote That Samsung is working extensively on quantum dot OLED display technology and that the first such TVs could hit stores as early as this fall. Unfortunately, this all turned out to be a fraudulent blind hope, with reports from a reliable source in South Korea suggesting that this could happen as soon as possible early next year.

However, Samsung Display, a subsidiary that develops and manufactures displays, has already revealed how it works. The core of the process is a blue OLED, which is converted to red and green in the corresponding pixels by quantum dot film filters. So the Samsung panel is a bit reminiscent of LG’s all-in-one solution right now, except that it uses white OLED technology. According to the current information, the maximum illumination is up to 1000 cd / m², and of course HDR support is also resolved. According to the company, this technology provides higher than usual color richness, color accuracy and great viewing angle.

a Korea Economic Daily According to next January, the final models will be revealed at CES, to be exact, 55-inch, 65-inch and 70-inch versions.

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