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The first real gameplay preview of FIFA 22 has finally arrived, where we can see the new next-gen feature in action

The final episode of the FIFA series, FIFA 22, will come again this year, with HyperMotion as its biggest achievement. As a result, football is said to be more real than ever, as it has been for a while, as this part has always been criticized for the series. We’ve already seen gameplay details as part of EA Play’s series of events, but it’s only shown in enough detail in the preview below.

HyperMotion is also based on a proprietary machine learning technology. The point is that the movements of 22 real and professional footballers (Advanced 11v11 Match Capture is the name of the recruitment process) who wore special clothing (Xsenus) with sensors built into them were recorded. As a result, more than 4,000 animations have been created, and the artificial intelligence developed for this purpose selects them in real time. The result is clear in the primer, that is, the movements are more realistic, more dynamic and, last but not least, more exciting than the previous sections.

Of course, EA Sports also promises many novelties or fairly minor improvements to FIFA 21 in other areas as well. Thus, the artificial intelligence of machine opponents develops greatly, the opponent performs more tactical attacks and better defends, and then forms formations according to the promises. MI is said to be making six times more decisions per second than the previous part, ensuring that every virtual footballer is truly smarter. With better, longer, multi-frame animations (EA 8.7 million mentions, the algorithm chooses that much), the player will have more control of the ball, and every small movement, such as a tactical hand cue on the field, will feel more natural.

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Of course, the scandal broke when FIFA 22 was revealed because only PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S players would take advantage of the benefits of HyperMotion, PC, Xbox Ones, PlayStation 4s, and Nintendo Switches. Anyway, the game will arrive on these platforms on the 1st of October. EA Sports’ long-term plans include doubling the size of the gaming community by comparing all of its sports.