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The first recordings were made by the Chinese Mars

He unveiled the first recordings made by Zhou Cong’s Chinese walk at the China National Space Agency at an event Friday in Beijing.

The 360-degree panoramic image taken by the Mars Off-Road Navigation Camera before the rover left the landing platform shows that the Earth is flat at the landing site, according to a report from China’s Global Times. On the horizon appears the horizon of Mars.

The Terrain Navigation Camera also captured an image of the surface of the Red Planet. In the image, the surface of Mars appears to be relatively smooth, with stones of various sizes visible on Earth.

The march also photographed the landing pad from a distance of about 6 metres.

Recording of the ramp leading from the spacecraft and the tracks of the Mars wheels on Mars on June 11, 2021, published by China’s National Space Agency (CNSA) and made by Marshal Zhou Zhong. The Chinese spacecraft Heavenly Questions-1 (Tienven-1), aboard the Chu-Zung rover, landed on the red planet on May 15 and will be investigated for three months.Source: MTI / EPA / CNSA / –

Named after one of the ancient deities of fire in Chinese mythology, the Chungjong probe has a height of 1.85 meters and weighs 240 kilograms. Mars reached the surface of the red planet on May 22 and then began exploring Mars.

The Tienven-1 spacecraft has reached the Red Planet after a ten-month journey, where the spacecraft’s lander module made a successful landing on May 15. With the spacecraft, you will complete China’s first mission to Mars.

An image of the surface of Mars published by China’s National Space Agency (CNSA) and made by Marshal Zhou Cong on June 11, 2021.Source: MTI / EPA / CNSA / –

Chu-zung operates on a planet called Utopia Planitia for three months on Earth – 90 solos, or Mars days. The vehicle will be controlled from Tienven-1, which is in contact with the ground. The robotic vehicle is examining the atmosphere and soil of Mars, taking pictures and making maps of the area.

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