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The first symptoms: hoarseness and sore throat: stridor does not only exacerbate vocal cord inflammation – health

Even a runny nose can present with pharyngitis with unpleasant symptoms, often only slowly.

Dr. Holbert Valeria Ear, Nose and Throat specialist, vocalist, Prof. Otorhinolaryngology Your doctor summarized what we can do to recover faster.

Is it caused by a virus or a germ?

Both may occur, but vocal cord and laryngitis associated with a viral infection of the upper respiratory tract are generally more common. After a runny nose, the inflammation spreads downwards due to the drip of secretions, less frequently, but it can also be caused by a lower respiratory infection, which is a long-term cough.

Symptoms of vocal cord inflammation

  • Hoarseness,
  • The sound fades away,
  • Inability to produce sound,
  • Trouble swallowing
  • Sore throat.

Hoarseness against grinding throat?

A common symptom of disease is when we feel trapped, we speak up, but we cannot. In situations like these, we often try to restore our voice by crackling and throat grinding. However, in the long run, only our voices will suffer.

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If inflammation, then a rapid CRP test

C-reactive protein (CRP) is a protein produced in the liver and used to detect bacterial infections and inflammatory diseases, so testing should be done for signs of severe infectious diseases such as fever, fever, headache, or weakness.

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Upgrade functional

Due to its structure, the edge of the audio tape is the most important for producing clear sound. Crushing is a very strong mechanical stimulus to the vocal cord, which causes it to thicken over time. A thick string will vibrate completely differently than a thin string: After a long time, the sound will become murky, hoarse, and our tape does not close.

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It can be treated with silence

The best thing you can do in this situation is to remain silent. It is very important to keep audio tapes. If we have to speak, do so at a normal volume, because whispering puts extra strain on the vocal cords, it slows down the healing process. The timing of restoring clear speech also depends on the individual. Those who use their voices a lot as a result of their work may take longer to recover, or smokers may take longer to recover, because they already have chronic inflammation due to smoking.


What else can we do to recover faster?

In addition to speaking, it is important to drink plenty of fluids. Warm steam is especially harmful, as we avoid sauna during this time. On the other hand, cold inhalation with physiological saline is beneficial. It is worth taking an anti-inflammatory, and using mucus removers can also help. The diet is also important: avoiding spicy, very cold or very hot foods and carbonated beverages and abstaining from smoking.

10 very powerful herbs for sore throats

We now show some lesser known but effective herbs that may also occur during a sore throat.

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