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The first time-lapse auditions starring Daisy Ridley and James McAvoy take place

Time manipulation stories or at least similar ones reminiscent of timeless times have multiplied recently, suffice to think of last year’s festival favourite Hungarian episode, The Border of Tomorrow or Palm Springs, but Josh Lawson’s Mortal Kombat’s Canoe is similar. . It’s also a recurring theme in gaming, having only appeared in 3 major titles this year, Returnal, Deathloop and 12 Minutes, starring Daisy Ridley, James McAvoy and Willem Dafoe. The latter’s story promises to be exciting, so we’re looking forward to its release tomorrow. But did this standalone title go well? The first tests appear!

swipe the game metacrit Currently at 80/100 for the PC version, 78/100 for the Xbox Series X version, the Xbox One has not yet received sufficient testing. Most of the articles have been uploaded to the PC version so far, 28 in number, so let’s take a look at it now. So you don’t have to worry because 22 of 28 are positive, 6 are mixed and 0 is negative, so in terms of numbers alone, the 12 minutes developed by Luis Antonio was particularly good.

a Twinfinite Zhiqing Wanja went straight for 12 minutes, as evidenced by his score, the 4,5 / 5 He is. Wan says the dubbing sounds absolutely perfect, Ridley, McAvoy, and Dafoe really bring the characters to life, and the mystery at the heart of the story is exciting enough, as is the temporal repetition, and it gives plenty of opportunity to experiment, and hit. The passers-by and the gameplay ratios are very good. It’s also not appetizing, and although short, the story works that way perfectly. The article writer negatively blamed the fact that for some logic puzzles, some players might get frustrated that they won’t get our hands on 12 minutes. But if that’s all he’s wrong with, he’s not there, right?

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the American IGN Ryan McCaffrey was less happy with the time-loop adventure game, but he was 8/10He was honored, which is still very much good. McCaffrey’s like 12 Minutes Inside, and it’s now a classic standalone title, where story and gameplay go hand in hand, so it’s hard to write anything specific about it – so it’s a positive because the unity of the two is perfect. Luis Antonio excelled at the clichés of typical point ‘n’ click adventure games and created a new quality through them, and of course the actors did an excellent job too. The article writer had problems with implementation: while it can run 12 minutes in just 7.5 hours, it’s still a tall order compared to how “durable” the top view and its graphic and character models evoke The Sims. So you could have worked in this part of the adventure game.

a Windows Central Carly Velotziga did not miss 12 minutes, 3.5 / 5 Gave him a point. According to Velocci, it’s a beloved adventure game, but its story is stronger than its gameplay, or if it’s time to solve logic puzzles, it’s no longer a fun title. In addition to the acting and the story, the author also liked the simple visual world, but he thought it was the wonderful truva, the temporal loop, that made it repetitive and multi-layered, which was built a lot on trial and – the mechanism of error.

a computer games Wes Finlon has been the only one to kick 12 minutes so far: it’s fair 53/100Gave the game. According to Fenlon, the gameplay is very frustrating due to the concept of a time loop, and it’s not at all fun to always start over or go through it all over again. Moreover, the author of the article also encountered more serious errors, so, for example, his backups were deleted for some reason. So as ingenious the basic concept is, the workmanship isn’t very good, and in the long run you’ll bleed 12 minutes.

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Some additional tests:

12 Minutes will be released on August 19 for PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.