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The following Sony headphone can start playing music automatically

Rumor has it that artificial intelligence can control two important functions of Sony’s new headphone.

There are many wonderful industries and Scientific use Artificial intelligence does exist, but in recent years we can enjoy the benefits of technology in more and more places as ordinary consumers. We’ve seen plenty of playlists compiled by music streaming algorithms into customer service chatbots, but it’s rumored that Sony’s next headphone will make much better use of MI than that.

The latest information – which has yet to be confirmed – concerns Sony’s next fully wireless headphone, and Snooptic comes from. The account also recently posted some photos of the new WF-LSN900, which will likely be available in stores like the LinkBuds S. Snoopyech, which has been leaking new information about the tech hardware, has come up with some new features.

As far as you know, LinkBuds S will be able to switch between external noise acceptance and the “advanced noise filtering” it has without transmission. In addition, you can automatically control the playback of sounds, and based on the post, the system will be able to decide when we want to stop the music or podcast and when to listen to it. In addition to analyzing external sounds provided by the built-in microphone, the proximity sensors inside the earbuds can also help control this.

What capabilities Sony’s new headphone will have, whether or not it’s a successor to the LinkBuds (which you’ll soon be able to read in our test), will likely be available no later than June 21, expiring. But we doubt the manufacturer will unveil the new product before then.

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