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The free shooter was shot a couple of days ago, but there were already many complaints about scammers and bugs

The early access version of the free Scavengers game was released on Saturday, but the reception of the multiplayer game is not good yet. computer gamesto. PvPvE shooter user rating is currently 55% A steamen, after players have reported a variety of problems.

Scavengers is a “strategic shooter” from the developers of Midwinter Entertainment, who previously worked on various parts of the Halo and Battlefield franchises. Their new game blends elements of PvE and PvP, which means that teams of three have to deal not only with the lukewarm environment and enemy non-playable characters, but also with each other. To fight for survival. On the one hand, it seems uncomfortable that even though the game appeared only 48 hours ago, many scammers have already complained about the scammers. But his development system has also been criticized, saying those with better equipment have a better chance of winning. One of the users complained about one of the most popular ones EvaluationThe focus in matches is a lot on whoever gets to the point of escape: if a team manages to dig there (because they are lucky away from it at the start of the match), that is a very big advantage.

Since Scavengers is free and can be accessed early currently, developers still have time to improve the game. Although it looks like they are handling it right. The final version of Scavengers is scheduled to launch sometime this year for PC, Xbox Series X / S and PlayStation 5. Currently Available on Steam and the Epic Games Store.

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