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The French are rescuing their compatriots from Afghanistan with a private plane

The private plane boarded about 100 passengers from Kabul on Saturday morning. Nearly half of the passengers were French nationals, and the other half were locals with their family members who worked for the French state or a French institution or organization, until they felt their lives in danger with the outbreak of the Taliban insurgency.

A few days ago, on July 13, France called on its citizens to leave Afghanistan, because the security situation in the “short term” is expected to deteriorate further in the Islamic Republic of Central Asia.

Despite the call, 60 to 100 French nationals registered with the French embassy did not take the opportunity and did not travel from Afghanistan on a special plane Saturday. The French Embassy in Kabul will remain open for the time being and will continue to operate with fewer staff.

In recent days, several other countries – including India, China, Canada and Germany – have repatriated their citizens from Afghan soil.

The Taliban have significantly escalated their attacks on government forces since May, bringing large areas under their control across the country. The Kabul government mainly controls only major roads and provincial capitals.

Observers say Afghan government forces are unlikely to halt the Taliban’s advance after the United States and its allies withdraw all troops from Afghanistan by the end of August. It can be feared that 20 years after they were ousted from power, the Taliban would once again take control of the capital, Kabul.

According to Deborah Lyons, the UN special envoy to Afghanistan, who made a statement to the UN Security Council at the end of June, the Taliban have surrounded major cities and are almost waiting for the last foreign soldier to leave the country to take over. without dominance resistance.

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By the way, talks between the Afghan government and the Taliban continued in Doha, the capital of Qatar, today, Saturday.

Cover Photo: Getty Images