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The fugitive Dubai princess pursued by her ex-husband: Haya fears her life and the lives of her children – World Star

princess come on She became the focus of the world press in 2019, as the sixth wife of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum of Dubai took 11.2 billion HUF from family coffers and then ran away with her two children, Jalila and Zayed. She was determined to take this bold step after learning that her husband had forcibly returned her eldest daughter, Latifa, from India to Dubai.

Nobles fight in the High Court of London to gain custody of her children and try her ex-husband. Still hiding in England today, it is no coincidence that she is afraid of her ex-husband, because the man is doing his best to get her children back, find out their story, and Hayyan is likely to exact revenge severely. New information has emerged about their case, he wrote BBC.

Princess Haya was questioned by Pegasus

The Supreme Court found that the ruler of Dubai had interfered in the British judiciary by ordering the breaking of the phone of his ex-wife, Princess Haya of Jordan. According to the court, the princess’s lawyers, Fiona Shackleton and Nick Manners, were targeted on their cell phones. When Haya found out about this, she felt like she was being chased.

Photo: Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images Hungary

According to a court ruling issued on Wednesday afternoon, the breach violated British criminal law, the Basic Common Law and the European Court of Human Rights, the European Convention on Human Rights, in a series of breaches. Interfering with court proceedings, denying Princess Haya access to justice, and abusing the prime minister’s power.

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This result was another blow to the sheikh and another revelation about how she treats her female family members. Regardless, Sheikh Mohammed denied it had anything to do with hacking. According to him, the court’s findings were based on undisclosed evidence, and therefore he unfairly mentioned the fact that he intercepted his wife’s phone.

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They used the Israeli program Pegasus, a program from the NSO Group. The court concluded that the viewing was done by Sheikh Mohammed, servants or agents of Dubai and the United Arab Emirates, and that the eavesdropping was authorized by the man.

NSO Pegasus software, often referred to as spyware, tracks an individual’s whereabouts, reads SMS messages, emails, and incoming messages in other applications, as well as wiretaps, accesses contacts, and passwords, on the dates of recorded appointments and pictures. It will also be available. Basically, thanks to Pegasus, the hacker provides full access to all the data that the customer wants to see on the target’s phone.

It also allows the hacker to activate the target’s phone without the victim’s knowledge, record their activities, and even take pictures and screenshots. It is very difficult for victims to detect that their phones have been infected with some form of spyware.

The presiding judge concluded that it was clear to Princess Haya that the hacking attempt had been successful and that a very large amount of 265 megabytes of data had been secretly accessed from her phone.

The Princess’s legal team first learned that they had been hacked after Cherie Blair, wife of former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, had an emergency phone call with lawyer Shackleton in August 2020. Sherry is a consultant to the NSO Group on business and human rights issues, a company employee noted. She indicated that she should make sure of Haya and her lawyer by all means because they are being monitored by Pegasus.

Haya’s lawyers said in court that the princess feared for her life and the safety of her children since April 2019. Incidentally, it also emerged that the sheikh had been trying to buy a property in Surrey, England, to keep a close eye on his ex-wife’s home in Castlewood. On hearing about the planned purchase of real estate, the princess put it this way:

“I feel like they are being stalked, I have nowhere to go to be safe from him or people who have his interests in mind. I admit it is very frustrating.

Wednesday’s ruling was issued that despite his denials, a sovereign ruler interfered in British justice by ordering the hacking of British phones, including a member of the House of Lords, causing shock and embarrassment and damaging Sheikh Mohammed’s international reputation. However, there are not many possibilities to face police questioning.

As the Sovereign Ruler of Dubai, he remains a powerful figure in the equestrian world, with extensive holdings in the UK, having previously been depicted riding dressage in the company of the Queen. About 100,000 British immigrants live in Dubai, and he and the UAE government are close allies of the UK.

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Pictures of Princess Haya’s youth

In our photo collection you can see young photos of Princess Haya.