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The full preview of the year’s extraordinary and most anticipated fairytale ideas has arrived

Last time, we started our article with Posters of The Green Knight character by saying that if we had a collection of dozens of fictional films, David Lowery’s work (Elliott, the Dragon) would be ours because he had an unusual attitude toward Arthur’s saying. This is evidenced by the first full preview of The Green Knight, which can be viewed below.

The Green Knight is a reproduction of a 14th-century poetic novel whose protagonist is not King Arthur, but one of its knights, Sir Gawen, who is not, by the way, a relative of the ruling Camelot. His role in the movie is played by Dev Patel, who stands headlong from the round table and accepts a challenge when Green Knight (Ralph Ineson) opens the room. The point of the challenge is that anyone who can defeat the horned-armed newcomer will be the hero, but if the attempt fails, the person will have to appear before the Green Knight in one year and one day for revenge. Gawain is successful, of course, but as you can see in the preview, his opponent is not too concerned about having his head separated from his neck and is looking forward to the young and impetuous man for a duel in one year and one day.

The Green Knight will be showing in cinemas overseas on July 30th, and we don’t know about a Hungarian show yet. The film was written and directed by David Lowry, Dave Patel and Ralph Ennison, starring Alicia Vikander (Lady / Isle), Joel Edgerton (Lord), Irene Killiman (Winfred) and Sean Harris (King Arthur).

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