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The Galaxy S20 FE is now available with the Snapdragon chipset

The Exynos 990 has run out, so without all the fuss, all of the S20 FEs have switched to Qualcomm chipsets.

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The Galaxy S20 FE is a fairly popular phone to this day. Cheaper than the S20, yet it knows almost everything, and its screen is flat, so it is understandable that a lot of it is being sold, but when it was introduced, it got the same Exynos 990 system chip as the S20, at least a 4G version, at least in our region. Different Resources Samsung said it discontinued production of the Exynos 990 chipset in early April, which no longer affects the S20 family, as the S21 series is already on the fictional throne with another chip, but the S21 does not have the FE variant, so the S20 FE is commercializing it.


However, something needs to be done about it, so that the Snapdragon 865, which is already in many markets, is included in all S20 FEs. This chipset also supports 5G networks, but for 4G S20 FE devices, Samsung limits this. The Exynos 990 has received a great deal of criticism for its consumption and warming issues with the Snapdragon 865, although not all users have experienced it as a drama, in most cases the Exynos 990 served its purpose, but it happened in a tall and heavier shadow that the phone has limited performance and screen brightness, In extreme cases, it is turned off. This may be the case for several hours of navigation under the windshield in a sunny location, but it is also a typical experience that the production provided by the chipset was not satisfactory in terms of uptime.

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In any case, the newly arrived domestic stock of the S20 FE is now available in stores with Snapdragon chipsets, but since it is still out of the previous stock, it is easy for the customer to purchase the Exynos chip phone, so if this aspect matters, it is worth it. Make sure you know carefully what kind of chips are inside the cell phone case, and if you find a web store that is not indicated, it is worth asking about it before purchasing. Samsung official does not comment on the change, all they say is that changes will be made to the supply chain necessary to meet production demand to ensure the smooth production of the product.