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The Galaxy S21 FE could start right away with Snapdragon

There has already been turmoil around the FEs’ chipset, but this year it is likely that the cheaper design will lag behind the Exynos SoC.

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Samsung definitely won’t miss this year’s Samsung Galaxy S-Series FE, or the Fan Edition, which is a fairly affordable version of the original models for the second half of the year. The S21 FE has previously appeared on a leaked roadmap, but from a number of locations Other news came Also about the piece. The final curiosity is the Geekch rating, as it turns out that the Android 11 device with 6 GB of RAM gets Qualcomm’s current most powerful and advanced chip, the Snapdragon 888, which is, in a sense, the Exynos 2100 chip of the standard model. more developed.


There was already a mess about the FEs chipset: the 4G version was used to include the Exynos chip, while the 5G got the Snapdragon then 4G versions have also switched to the same Snapdragon 865, The thinner model was originally launched. This time, it will probably only be the 5G model and hopefully there will be a host of system chip issues that vary by region and equipment. The device is expected to be 6.4 inches in size, flat, 120Hz-es, HDR10 + With screen and plastic back cover, its built-in battery can be 4370mAh. So far, no specific information appears to be available about the camera system and data connection capabilities.