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The gluttonous cosmic monster has been found 24h

A group of experts has discovered the brightest and fastest growing black hole in the last 9 billion years live sciences. Christopher Onkenan employee of the Australian National University and new colleagues in their studies The body has been reported to have a solar mass of 3 billion.

According to the researchers, a black hole sucks a piece of Earth-sized matter every second.

The researchers analyzed data from the SkyMapper telescope, and the publication has not been reviewed by independent experts.

Object J1144 is about 500 times larger than the black hole at the heart of the Milky Way, Sagittarius A*, which was recently lasted.

“Astronomers have been searching for such objects for more than 50 years,” Onkin said. The expert added that many faint black holes have been found in the past, but this object has somehow escaped attention. In addition to J1144’s gluttony, other supermassive black holes’ appetites are dwarfs.

Black holes do not emit light and therefore cannot be detected directly. At the same time, the objects’ intense gravity pulls a lot of material across the event horizon around them, and the process creates a so-called accretion disk of hot matter. The brightest accretion disk J1144 has not yet been found, and even amateur astronomers can see it with a sufficiently powerful telescope.

The researchers’ next goal is to discover the cause of black hole greed. Perhaps this phenomenon is the result of a cosmic catastrophe, such as the merging of two galaxies. Experts don’t consider it likely to find similar things yet.

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