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The government made a big announcement, accepting materials from all companies applying for Ginop’s money أموال

FM started with VideoThere is an unprecedented need for corporate investment support. Therefore, the government decided to take three measures in this regard. The government decided to support technology transfer program برنامج

  • It will increase its budget from HUF 100 billion to HUF 200 billion, and will now reallocate the resources of the second and third phases of construction to this,
  • All applications closed at the beginning of the application period will be accepted,
  • Applications are graded according to the most competitive developments.

Why did the government have to intervene?

This is what the wallet is all about mentioned On Monday, companies waiting for this tender only had a few minutes to submit their materials, as the tender was in high demand and the host site wasn’t always available either. Businessmen wrote to our newspaper complaining about the situation.

After opening at 8 am, the decision to suspend the application was posted on the official EU tender page at 8 am.

Many companies because of this Haitthat although he had not yet received the serial number from the system (an important sign of an accepted order), his project “somehow” somehow “entered the system”. Then, as of Monday noon/evening, rejection letters started coming out from the ministry (see below the key phrase for the call, which also reached our editorial office), warning the project owners that they had not actually accepted their application due to a framework overrun.

In other words, the bidder informed the SMEs that were lagging behind due to lack of time that their application materials had not been received. But now this decision has been abruptly canceled by the government and all applications under the decision will be accepted.

Regarding Monday’s decision, we also wrote that thousands of business owners may be disappointed with the decision, but may still be happy with Thursday’s government decision.

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One reason for the confusion was that the eligibility criteria for application were too broad and the grant rules system was too chivalrous, so the now open budget of $100 billion (allowed for up to 30% increase in demand) was over-applied within seconds.

It is important to mention in relation to the respective application that

It also arises that anyway greedy eyes Foreman to the European Commission Would you have objection to the sight of these tender events.

The video can be viewed here:

Cover image source: MTI / Márton Mónus