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The head of Rosmos has responded to Elon Musk’s challenge

Dmitriy RogozinThe head of Russia’s Federal Space Agency (Rososmos) has been thinking regularly on Twitter about events related to the conflict in Ukraine, including Western sanctions. For example, he has repeatedly threatened that Russia will withdraw from the International Space Station (ISS) program.

The manager of Roscosmos posted another tweet over the weekend, writing sent an invitation NASA, the European Space Agency and the Canadian Space Agency lift “unlawful” sanctions after the invasion of Ukraine. He also published a map in his letter showing the areas in which the International Space Station flies.

Rogozin wrote the ISS without Russia uncontrollably retreating into the atmosphere.

In his opinion, with the fall, the ISS will threaten the United States, Europe and China, but not Russia. According to the published map, more countries were threatened, but it is worth emphasizing that the International Space Station may remain in orbit without Russian help.

Rogozin is not only threatened, he is regularly ridiculed, even by former American astronauts. reaction. in one days a Tom & JerryTry to explain the Russian interpretation of the situation in Ukraine with a borrowed scene Didn’t really achieve its goal.

Roscosos head on Monday Elon Musk On Twitter, the billionaire also responded Russian President Vladimir Putin fencing club. Rogozin Alexander Pushkin A story about the Pope and his servant Balda according to:

Even the green-eared mustache, sour cream

Or you are mine, you bastard,

But let’s not waste time

Defeat my brother first.

Musk and the leader of Roscosmos have been around for a long time anyway They send messages to each other on Twitter.

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