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The Health and Environmental Research Program at the Szeged Biological Research Center has been completed

2021. 04. 05. 05:00

Based on the previous results of the employees of the Szeged Biological Research Center (SZBK), the health and environmental research program has been implemented with approximately 2 billion HUF funded by the European Union in the Foundation of the Eötvös Research Network Loránd – Péter Heffner, Head of the Application Office, informed MTI.

The aim of the program was to research the foundations of unresolved health problems at the societal level in Hungary. There is an urgent need for the spread of infectious diseases, development of antibiotic-resistant bacterial strains, development of malignancies, general health problems associated with aging, environmental protection, but at least mitigation.

The four-and-a-half-year project was based on three pillars: single-cell research to combat infectious and hereditary diseases, the molecular background of individual evolution, regeneration and aging in animal model organisms, cell cultures and synthetic tissue models, and complex interactions of light and plant systems. The priorities for each pillar were different, however, there were a number of synergies between the individual programs, both in terms of solving molecular biology problems or in the systematic approach. The complete study of proteins, lipids, metabolic products and bioinformatics analyzes was conducted in all three domains with essentially similar concept and toolkit.

The project produced important background research results, which were published in high-quality journals in the field, and – according to BRC’s successful research practice – the individual sub-tasks were interrelated, with the continuous exchange of information.