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The health of the capital’s residents transcends all political debate

Balázs FürjesMinister of State for the Development of the Prime Minister’s Office in Budapest and Ambrose kiss, The Deputy Mayor reviewed the provision of HUF 10 billion for government support for the renovation and modernization of district clinics and screening programs in the capital under the Budapest State Health Programme, and the necessary measures to implement the programme. It was jointly confirmed that the government will provide 10 billion HUF pre-determined under the Budapest Health Program to the metropolitan regions this year as well, and the funds will be received by the capital and the affected regions on the basis of the decision of the Budapest Public Development Board. Necessary decisions have been made, implementation is underway, and funds may reach the regions within weeks.

Both the government of Hungary and the capital are committed to protecting the health of the capital’s residents, improving the quality of treatment and improving health care for the counties. In accordance with this common intention, an agreement was reached between the government and the administration of the new city that took power in 2019: the government will support health developments in the regions of Budapest in the amount of HUF 10 billion annually between 2020 and 2024 under the Budapest Health Program.

The objective of the Budapest Health Program is to support developments in healthcare, primary care and specialist outpatient care in all regions of Budapest. District municipalities can use the resources to renovate and build clinics and outpatient facilities, among other things, and to purchase therapeutic and diagnostic equipment. As a result of the programme, care in Budapest will be more modern and better.

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The distribution of funds by district is proposed by the mayor each year, and decided by the Budapest Public Development Board. The government will disburse the money to the affected areas accordingly. In 2020, 10.44 billion Swiss francs were transferred, the amount was used by the regions and the capital. In 2021, on the proposal of the Metropolitan Municipality, the Budapest Public Development Board supported the government to provide more than 10 billion forints for this purpose again this year. A government decision was made to provide subsidies.

This year’s resources are available and grants are disbursed. “Budapest cannot be a battlefield, health developments in Budapest must continue. Political discussions here or there, this is a good programme, the government is happy to work with the municipalities of the region on this,” Pallas Vurijes, Secretary of State for Budapest Development and Urban Conglomeration said. And of course we will implement what we agreed upon.”

Deputy Mayor Kis Ambrose said of the subsidies: “Budapest needs action. The key element in this is to ensure that the agreements that have been reached are fulfilled. HUF 10 billion for the development of healthcare in Budapest based on information received from mayors, negotiations with EMMI and the conclusion of grant agreements slave-woman.

We also agreed with Secretary of State Forges that we will continue to monitor the contracting process.”

The health of the capital’s residents transcends every political debate. The government and the capital are working together to provide the necessary resources to the counties as quickly as possible.

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Budapest, November 19, 2021

Kissing Ambrus Balázs Fürjes
Deputy Mayor General of Budapest and Minister of State for Clusters Development