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The heat is 40 degrees and many air conditioners are about to collapse the Greek power system

The bushfire in Rhodes, popular with holidaymakers, has been put under control, but the heat will not abate in Greece this week, where temperatures could soar to 47 degrees Celsius, MTI wrote.

In Rhodes, vegetation caught fire on Sunday due to drought and strong winds. The local fire department said that although the flames had been put out, there was still a high risk of a fire.

Local hotels have not yet been affected by the fire, but residents have been evacuated from three villages. The fire caused a temporary power outage in a large part of the island Sunday night. Greek state TV channel ERT reported that helicopters and planes were also involved in preventing the spread of flames.

The Ministry of Energy asked Greece not to set the temperature of air conditioners below 26 degrees Celsius.

It has pushed the country’s energy system to the limit with sustainable heat and permanent air conditioning capacity. The authorities also asked the public to avoid showering at noon, when energy consumption is very high anyway. It is not yet known when the heat will subside. Meteorologists fear the heat wave could last up to two weeks.

There have been dozens of wildfires in Greece in recent months. The biggest fire of the year ravaged near Athens in mid-May.

In addition to Rhodes, the northwestern part of the Peloponnese, near the city of Patras, caught fire: here, according to satellite images, more than three thousand hectares of pine and olive groves became prey. The bushfires that broke out on Saturday are yet to be fully quenched, and the sweltering temperatures aren’t helping the firefighters’ efforts either. Expect 44-45°C in the western Peloponnese on Monday.

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