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The hosts of the M4 Sport European Championship are already preparing for the tournament!

Judit Birksi and Andrea Petrovics-Miri will host the European Football Championship on M4 Sport, broadcasting the tournament exclusively in Hungary. The two presenters talked about the mysteries of the preparations, the fans and their experiences with the Hungarian national team. (X)

Judith Berkeese and Andrea Petrovics-Mery will host the European Championship at M4 Sport

“Do you think we can wait for the matches a few weeks before the European Championship, which reminds us of our normal lives?”
Berkesey Judit:
The European Championship can be special in many ways. This will be the first big event we can get back to together. I trust we can breathe safely. It will also be a bit symbolic, like the end of this sad period.
Petrofix – Meri Andrea:- I was sitting on a roller coaster, as I think everyone depends on the current situation. I, too, had the disease, and, of course, I hoped that our hopes for the European Championship would succeed: that the matches would be played in front of the spectators at home and throughout Europe.

How is the preparation for the current European Championship different, such as two thousand and sixteen?
evening. a.: –
As a globally organised global event, one expects more of oneself, more than a hundred or one hundred and twenty percent of the usual work spirit, one must feel that he will be satisfied. It’s also a huge responsibility for us TVs – of course it’s also a huge experience. Every event is special when we can experience the events up close. Spiritually, going to the Puskás Arena, watching it before the broadcast, and then stepping into the stadium is more festive than when we are “only” working from the studio. The method of preparation is always the same, but the atmosphere is more festive.
Wait is different. Mainly because of history. As a sports reporter and as a person, it is a unique experience, and one that may not be repeated in our lifetime. At the age of two thousand and sixteen, I could not imagine if there was anything else that could exceed the mood, the euphoria that surrounded the European championships. It was very special, but it was in two distant locations: France or the homeland. You cannot try both at the same time. Now in two team matches, yes.

When and in what range can spectators meet you?
BJ: With Andi and Matyi Molnár, the three of us will be presenters in the entire European Championships, so they will be able to see us in this role in M4 Sport. Roll in slow motion too! The podcast does not stop either, we are reporting with István B. Hajdu with an extraordinary broadcast, mainly focused on our experiences. It travels from place to place, which also promises extra excitement.
evening. a.: – I suspect that since I was there for the national team matches, except for spring sickness, I will still have the opportunity to do so.

Petrofix Meri Andrea

– He could also be at the Puskas Arena in the alternative qualifier against Iceland, which decided the start of the European Championship.

evening. a.: – It was a healing experience. When poor Peter Gulacci got that goal, I thought there was no such thing. Point out such a match… Fate couldn’t have been so cruel when he carried the team on his back in front of him. I would have had a hard time living if it was up to me to get out. It was tough, but then the best-case scenario came true. We were at such an angle that we could see from above – of course on our feet – from the perfect direction, as Dominic Zuboszlai began, it was so unbelievable, however, that I felt it – not shot – so much that it becomes a target. Finally, it happened to the Hungarian national team that they could play a really important match at the last minute.

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– I would have a good chance of guessing the responsibility of the player, but how much did the sports reporter, the presenter, miss the presence of the riders from the stands?
– awesome. We are on the spot to try to convey all the moments and vibrations of the match to the TV viewers. The atmosphere plays a big role in how the match unfolds in its drama. It is necessary to talk about the tactical ranks and the coach’s draw in the match, but in addition to this, the presence and support of the fans can mobilize forces that can determine the cups. It goes beyond numbers, strict career issues, but it’s part of the overall picture of the match. It’s enough to think of how many times in the last year and a half players have told me how hard it is to play a match. It was tough with the empty stands – for us, the players and the fans at home in front of the TV.
evening. a.:
– If I did not grow up on a football field, but in the field of athletics. When I was a kid, I attended countless halls, and now I can see in my kids too: They experience it very differently when the fans are there at their tournaments. You can feel the same on the specific level. I’ll be honest, I don’t necessarily agree that sports are for the masses. This is just one of the goals. The sport is primarily about fighting, winning, and snatching so that one learns to suffer, to stand up, and to be happy. If this could be added to the fact that events also serve the needs of spectators, that people can only have fun or feel sad, and that their presence releases extra energy in the athletes, then everything would be.

France, Germany and Portugal. The last two world champions and the defending champion are waiting for the Hungarian team in the group. What matches are they expecting?
evening. a.: “I trust Joy Play and that the paper format can be flipped at any time.” In fact, I don’t necessarily think that can be the case now, but when I think about the way we got here to see how a year and a half – not just in terms of football – led to the European Championship, I trust the celebration with joy. European Championship matches in Puskas Arena with the Hungarian national team! I think that alone is enough for happiness. There are individual and group goals, you can talk about standing, scoring, maybe winning, but I think the first line now is that we can be there to celebrate together.
BJ: – You have to fight, it can’t be a problem. The Hungarian national team is fighting to the end – perhaps this is the term that fans often mention among their expectations. This is what Fed Captain Marco Rossi has been talking about a lot. Mentality is the key to being prepared for a fight. Looking at the opponents – just how many of their players have made it to their club teams in the Champions League semi-finals, I don’t think we need to go into the odds. The goal is to be tactically prepared, with the support of the fans, to fight in every match. Let’s not forget that the European Championship will be a unique and unrepeatable experience in the lives of Hungarian players.

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– How do you see the balance of power for the whole European Championship? Do they have a favorite or a favourite?
evening. a.:
Sure, but I won’t tell you anyway.
BJ: There is always a story, a sympathetic small team, that you feel more pressure on in a particular tournament. At the World Championships of two thousand and eighteen, for example, for the Croats. But by the way, I have no candidate, I am pushing for the Hungarian national team.
evening. a.: I think it will be a very exciting European Championship, with more twists and turns than usual. We’ve also seen this in the Champions League. Thomas Tuchel, the Chelsea manager who reached the final, may have said that he still considered Bayern Munich, the winner of the previous competition, the best team in the world. On the other hand, Bayern were eliminated in the quarter-finals. That was enough for two weeks when Robert Lewandowski was injured and everything was already overwhelmed. Players come from a terrible burden, and there are so many games on their feet at the end of the season that they are already starting to tire almost uninterruptedly. And then we didn’t even talk about what happens if one of the guys tests positive… I can’t say one or two major possibilities.

Berkesey Judit

– If you were not as a journalist, but in any role or responsibility in the Rifle Arena, from serf to coaches or referee to player, which one would you choose?
evening. a.:
– Well… I can only be there on the field. Even if you’re a ticket or buffet recipient, if you can sneak in for a few minutes. I’ve faced a lot in athletics, but to this day, I’m honored to be there for a bigger competition, of any quality. This is also the case with football matches. The division of tasks came about in such a way that I couldn’t take my share of two thousand and sixteen walks much, I have a sense of inferiority in this respect. I couldn’t live as I wished before. Now I want to restore and store the experience.
– As a fan. it’s clear. I also started as a fan. It is a pleasure to work in the European Championship, but at the same time it is missing to be there in the stands. The experience of events from there is very different, one can completely resign themselves to what is happening, in a way that we cannot do as a journalist. In the words of Peter Esterhazy, being supportive is a poetic existence, because the supporter abandons reality, but the journalist has to remain objective. When I hadn’t worked in over a year due to having kids, I had the opportunity to go out to a match again as a fan – perhaps for the first time in six years – and it felt really great. One sings, summarizes, comments on events. There’s no microphone there, and you don’t have to supervise yourself – just give yourself a chance to experiment. I obviously want to be in the stands, inside the drunks.

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– If the microphone wasn’t there, would Judit Berkesey go to the fence?
BJ: – that’s not the point. But I really like to stand there in the crowd and sing and cheer together. We just spoke to a colleague of mine that our favorite moment when teams are lining up is singing the anthem together, and there’s only a second or less left when there’s silence because everyone takes a deep breath to come out of their throats afterward. . disperse “RIA RIA Hungaria!”.

In what career will they host the European Championship in Hungary?
evening. a.: – When I went back to Telesport at that time, two thousand weeks ago, our first global competition was the Austrian European European Championship. This was the first thing I could do as a presenter, so I keep it on a separate shelf. I wonder what additional experiences the current European Championship holds with home output, but I’m sure it will be on a similar high shelf if I think back to it in the coming years.
BJ: “Can you ask me then?” Two thousand and sixteen years later, I said that after a European Championship or Olympics with Hungarians, I don’t know if any higher correspondent has ever been in his life. But one loves when life finally refutes them and it can give them a hotter and more special challenge. Football events are always special, and so are the Olympics – everything that takes place here at home is. For example, the World Water Championships two thousand seventeen. I don’t want to rank them, there may be a sporting event that is not as central as it is now in the European Championships, but it still carries a dramatic development, a moment that stays alive when you live on the spot.