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The House of Commons voted in favor of Biden’s $1,200 billion infrastructure development package

Local Friday night, the US House of Representatives voted for US President Joe Biden’s infrastructure development bill, but no decision was made on the social package.

The $1,200 billion Infrastructure Development Act funds, among other things, the construction and renovation of roads, bridges, and airports. $66 billion will be spent on modernizing the rail network, $55 billion on water supply problems and $65 billion on modernizing the electricity network.

The Senate approved the bill as early as August. As the Democrats intended, the House of Representatives was going to vote weeks earlier on the infrastructure development package, and at the same time, President Joe Biden’s social package was estimated at $3.5 trillion. The latter include family, education, health and climate protection measures.

However, not only Republicans, but also centrist Democrats, approved the draft social package. Last month, Joe Manchin of West Virginia and Kirsten Sinema, a Democratic senator from Arizona, indicated they were spending $3.5 trillion.

The “progressive”, that is, left half of the House Democrats, did not want to allow a vote on the infrastructure package in the House until the social package had a solid majority in the Senate. Here We wrote in more detail).

Leaving pressure on moderate Democrats, the government presented a $1.750 billion compromise to Congress at the end of October. They then hoped to vote on the two packages in the House on Friday, but centrists said they would not vote on the social bill until they saw a full analysis of the bill by the Congressional Budget Office. Thus, in the end, only the Infrastructure Development Act was passed, with a ratio of 228-206.

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House Democratic chairwoman Nancy Pelosi said Friday that party leaders had hoped to vote on both proposals, but decided to “accept some of the lawmakers’ requests” and spell out the financial implications of the legislation. House Democratic leader Steny Hoyer said the proposal would be adopted before Thanksgiving, and Biden hopes to vote on the social package on November 15 when MEPs return from a one-week break. (guardian, MTI)