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The Hungarian Village business restart program is a quick help for small businesses

2021. 04. 15. 00:05

The Web Secretary of Hajdu-Bihar District Chamber of Commerce and Industry (HBK) in charge of economic affairs said the Hungarian Village Business Relaunch Program, which will begin in the spring, provides rapid assistance to small enterprises operating in small settlements of less than 5,000 people. Strategy and organization .

Firms employing fewer than ten people can apply for 2-10 million HUF out of the 25 billion HUF available in the first round, which can also be combined with the Quick Start Loan of 10 million HUF, Laszlo Gyorgi added.

The foreign minister said the business relaunch program wants to boost jobs in small settlements, contribute to quality services, and create new job opportunities.

He said about the details of the program: The intensity of the subsidy is a maximum of 70 percent, i.e. a maximum of 70 per 100 fort from the country. The resource can be used for wages, technology updates, real estate development, business expansion and training, among other things. The resource is available to those who have at least one full business year closed.

Laszlo Giorgi was unable to state the exact date of the start of the business restart program in the Hungarian village, but indicated in his answer to a question that applications will be evaluated in all cases within 45-60 days.

He pointed out that in the event that the program is successful, another program will be launched during the summer.

Zoltan Bajna (Fidesz-KDNP), President of the Hajdu-Bihar Municipal Assembly, summarized the message of the program, noting the success of the previously announced Hungarian Village Program: “The countryside was not left alone.” According to the politician, based on initial surveys, it is expected that there will be a lot of interest in a business restart program in small settlements.

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Ferenc Miklosi, president of the regional chamber of industry, asked local governments and the chamber’s organizations to spread the program widely.