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The Hungarians’ cult class has reached the level – there are other interesting things here

Hungarian stock investment exceeded a billion…

October marked a new milestone in the cult share of the Hungarian population: According to the securities statistics released by the National Ministry of Finance recently Family equity assets exceed 1,000 billion HUF, for the first time there is an example.

Meanwhile, the value of government securities held by households approaches 10 trillion, and investment funds have retail savings of 4,633 billion Swiss francs:

Not only stocks in the case fetched interesting numbers in October. If we look at the chart below, we can see that although growth in government securities remains the first among the most important categories this year, it is not far behind. investment funds, fact, Big increase in assets in one month was in the category. Stocks of stocks increased by HUF 250 billion in 10 months.

…while excavations of this class have been going on for three months

It is interesting that While the value of stock savings is at a new high, transaction data in this category has been negative for three monthsTherefore, the increase is not due to demand but rather to the appreciation of the exchange rate.

As of October, transaction data for stocks was negative, so retail sales rather than purchases were marked by retail transactions. At the same time, more than 680 billion new capital flowed into government securities, and the balance of investment funds amounted to 264 billion HUF:

Within mutual funds until October in ratios Retail assets are managed in equity funds It jumped further, but the hybrid funds did not lag behind in second place, and this practically weakened them, as the assets of other categories declined compared to December levels of last year. Based on specific stock numbers a Mixed Chests Assets jumped the most, nearly 360 billion by October, with equity funds expanding by just 127 billion.

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What are bank deposits doing in the meantime?

It is also worth noting the stock of deposits deposited by households that In October it exceeded 12,330 billion HUF, so the Hungarians hold more money here than government securities. At the same time Most of them are not a time deposit but a demand deposit, so they do not carry any interest.

If we also look at the role of the population in financing public debt, this can be seen The share of Hungarian government securities is about 26%.There has been no fundamental shift in this ratio in recent months. However, the share of foreign government securities in non-residents increased significantly in SeptemberThis is due to the issuance of foreign currency bonds. In October, the share of Hungarian government securities held by non-residents was 28.6%:

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