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The id program also helps Arkane Austin

Didn’t rest too much Pillars of Austin After the release of Prey 2017, the studio isn’t working alone on a Left 4 Dead vampire.

a Redvalet, which will therefore build on the cooperative gameplay style, a Microsoft It was introduced at a joint Bethesda performance at E3 and certainly was announced in earnest from scratch, with a 2022 release period. Thus, we can rightly assume that Redfall has been on the running table for a relatively long time, and it is. As with Guerrilla Games and Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy (that pair were that day), LinkedIn has nailed it all.

Here we must mention Francisco Cruz III Profile personly. He’s one of the artists responsible for the environment at Arkane Austin and Timur222 (which he found interesting about Microsoft a few times) DiscoverThat a few months after the release of Prey: Mooncrash (that was in June 2018!) they were already seen in Redfall. So by 2022 (for example, Microsoft will launch at the end of the year), the game will have a four-year development cycle. And that doesn’t sound bad, but they started the concept after the prey was released, that is, five years.

But Arkane also got an Austin partner, because she is Software ID Also works in Redfall! (Since Doom Eternal: The Ancient Gods Part 2 came out a couple of months ago now, so to speak,…) Jeff Sneta Profile personly We can find out, and since he’s one of Identity’s animators (who, moreover, has publicly stated that he’s now working on Redfall), the connection between the studios is certain.

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Redfall has become one of the games in which Microsoft’s introduction has canceled the previous cross-platform concept (a Playfield 5 version is definitely planned for Starfield too), so just Xbox Series and the Computer It will happen in 2022. It is still questionable to what extent the final outcome will be.

Source: WCCFTech