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The immigrant boxer who beats a tattooed Nazi opponent reports a double win

In boxing, it is somewhat interesting to see who the heavyweight champion is in Italy, yet they have now taken the weight class final.

Not because of Moroccan origin Hassan Nourdine win registration Michel Broilly Against, much more because of the losing party tattoos.

Broili’s upper body shows Nazi tattooed symbols, such as the number 88, the secret equivalent of the Heil Hitler salute (H is the eighth letter of the alphabet, hence the connection), or the skull, Totenkopf, which was the SS symbol.

Although the Italian federation had just marveled at Broili’s tattoo, which he previously fought in 16 matches and condemned in a statement to symbols of the far-right, the athlete’s ornate torso was already the subject of the Italian press last year when he was Trieste. A party was announced. Then your coach, Dennis Conti It was reported that Broilly had tattoos when he was a young man.

Given Broeli’s past, it is perhaps no coincidence that it was Conte who was trained by a former far-right party called Forza Nuova in the Friuli Venezia Giulia region.

Noureddine, who started boxing at the age of 22, said that neither he nor his coach knew of Brueli’s tattoo before the match, they were only faced with interest.

“The scene was shocking, because once someone takes a history book in their hands, they will only feel disgust for the Nazis. But I just wanted to focus on the match, the sport, not a political solution. I would like to stress that Broilly was never disrespectful to me, even praised with me “. Tell Nourdine.

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Whoever admitted that, in such circumstances, winning as an immigrant over an opponent wearing Nazi tattoos was a special feeling.

It’s as if I won two games at once. Whoever conquers such ideologies can be proud

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