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The importance of good health in DVSC emerges as the mustache grows

Movember movement aims to attract the attention of men to maintain health.

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Staff at DVSC Schaeffler and the DVSC Handball Academy are also joining the Movember movement, which aims to draw men’s attention to the importance of staying healthy and being screened. Movember name means global campaign. It evolved from a cross between the English words mustache (mustache) and november. The point of the initiative is that in this case, the guys “throw” the blade and create a mustache. This calls for men to see a doctor as well as for tests. Thus, diseases such as prostate or testicular cancer can be prevented or recognized in time. The movement started in Hungary in 2009, and has been operating in association form since 2016, under the Movember Association Hungary.

Nora Varsanyi, an employee at DVSC Kézilabda Kft, responsible for international and social relations, told our newspaper that they have been joining similar campaigns for years.

– We are very pleased that our colleagues are partners and energize themselves in such initiatives. Women and men alike will play their part, we had a match last year where the girls wore faux mustaches to the rally. We believe that, if not, we can at least draw the attention of our supporters and sympathizers to the importance of our health, he said in the diary.

for our health

Nóra Varsányi confirmed that they feel compelled to warn about these health issues when many are already following them.

The experience is that women go to a general medical exam faster than men. However, I think they also know how important this is for their health. After all, examinations are needed not only in old age but also in youth. This is because the disease should not be sought, but rather prevented

he added. Nora Farsani also reported that in the previous month, in October, attention was drawn to the fight against breast cancer, then the girls were warmed in pink T-shirts and fliers were distributed.

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