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The index – outside – was an example of a generation we’ll never see again

Many leaders in the UK and around the world have already responded to the news of Prince Philip’s death, announced by Buckingham Palace early Friday afternoon.

Boris Johnson The British prime minister recalled the prince at an extraordinary press conference in front of the office. He helped steer the royal family and the kingdom in the right direction. It is also thanks to him that the Foundation continues to play an indisputable role in achieving balance and happiness in the life of our nation. ”He then expressed his condolences to II. To Queen Elizabeth and her relatives.

First Minister of Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon He also expressed his condolences and described the co-ruler as an “extraordinary person.”

Sadiq Khan, The Mayor of London focused the Prince’s charitable work in his memory. “There is no doubt that his legacy has left a positive imprint on London, Britain and the lives of many,” he said.

He represented the United Kingdom with dignity and endowed them with boundless strength and support as co-rulers. We might be lucky Laura and I have enjoyed her charming companionship, the subtlety, and we know how much she’ll miss you.

He said about the prince George W. Bush Former President of the United States.

Tony Blair Meanwhile, the former British Prime Minister stressed that although the Prince will be remembered primarily by many as a supporter of the Queen, he deserves to be remembered for his insight, determination and courage.

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Narendra Modi, The Prime Minister of India also highlighted the Prince’s charitable initiatives as well as his extraordinary career.

Jacinta Ardern, Meanwhile, New Zealand’s prime minister has confirmed that he has also encouraged thousands of residents of the prince’s country to do so Hillary Prize Allocated in New Zealand from year to year.

He was the embodiment of a generation that we’ll never see again

He wrote in his statement about the Philippines Scott Morrison Australian Prime Minister.

In memory of Prince Philip, footballers will wear a black badge in Premier League matches this weekend.

The English National Cricket Championship matches begin with a two-minute leave of mourning. Sports-loving Prince Philip loved cricket the most, being the president of Marylebone Cricket Club for two terms – the association is an advocate of the sport’s rules. He was an honorary member of MCC and the Jockey Club so Friday horse races in Liverpool also started with a mourning break.

(Cover photo: The Prince of the Philippines raises his hat in August 2020. Photo: WPA Pool / Getty Images Hungary)