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The Indian virus variant has hit the headlines in the UK

The latest variant has been identified in the UK, Mostly among those returning home from India, So now the question arises exactly from the authorities, what can they do with the situation?

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Most studies seek to respond The current variant is whether it is more contagious than has been identified so far and whether it provides adequate protection for vaccines. Antibody against it.

The ordered hearings were justified by 77 casesHowever, health professionals still do not have enough information, including whether they can talk about the spread.

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Caution and investigation are certainly justified In India, the corona virus has thanked the new mutantLast weekend, 261,000 new infections were registered and 1,500 people died.

It is not surprising that Boris Johnson, who is currently preparing for India, is being encouraged by Labor opposition politicians, while some scholars, with classic simplicity, will add India to the ban list, from which travel to the UK will be banned. In his opinion, it is important to maintain the quality of proper relations so that the trip can be carried out with adequate security and appropriate safety measures are followed.

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