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The Israeli Air Force fired about 100 missiles at targets in Gaza at night

As part of Operation Wall Guard, dozens of planes attacked the “Hamas subway”, a network of concrete tunnels under the area, which is the largest and most expensive strategic infrastructure of the Islamic organization, and the killing of the Gaza Strip leader, Israel, in Gaza for 24 years and his brother’s house.

It was the home of Jahji and Muhammad Senarin in Han-Jeon. Muhammad Seneno was one of the leaders of the military wing of Hamas, the movement’s chief of staff, and one of the planners of the 2006 kidnapping of Israeli Corporal Gilad Salit.

In addition to the Cynarin brothers, several senior Hamas leaders have come under attack, but senior military officials have been hiding in secret hideouts since the start of the operation.

An IDF spokesman, Heidi Zilberman, told the newspaper that in addition to the air force buildings, it had also attacked 45 missile silos in recent days. However, Palestinian militants managed to fire about 120 rockets into Israeli territory from 7 a.m. on Saturday until 7 a.m. on Sunday, many of which reached the center of the country, but the vast majority of them were destroyed in the air by the Israeli anti-missile system.

“We note that dentists, not just drivers, are afraid to get into their tunnel system. We are now in the second stage of the attack on flights and there will be more stages,” Zilberman said. He added, “Hamas has invested tens of millions of dollars in the strategic” subway project “: it costs $ 500 per meter of building the tunnel.

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The military spokesman said, “Sappho – the Jewish Pentecost – will appear differently this year than before,” referring to the Jewish holiday, which begins on Sunday night and is expected to happen in light of the missile attacks. Another missile attack can be expected anywhere and anytime in Savoton this year. Therefore, residents of the southern and central parts of Israel think carefully about visiting relatives because there is no protection on the roads, and they cannot find anywhere to escape from.

In the armed conflict so far, 10 have died and 275 have been injured. At least 145 people have been reported killed on the Gaza side

The health authorities are there, 41 of them are children and 23 are women.

Tensions resumed in mid-April, this time because Jewish settlers in East Jerusalem wanted to expel Palestinian families from their homes, and the Palestinians protested, and so did the Israeli police at the Al-Aqsa Mosque, and the Palestinians also protested. Hamas began firing rockets at Israel on Monday, prompting an Israeli counterattack. Since then, Hamas has fired more than 2,000 rockets, but the vast majority of them have been intercepted by Israeli air defenses. Israeli fighter jets and artillery attacked hundreds of targets in the Gaza Strip, which is home to about two million Palestinians.

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