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It is not a new idea that a healthy person carries more into life than a sick person, nor is it a fact that exercise can significantly improve our quality of life. Ninety years ago, for example, National Sport was based on a truly amazing quote from Rudyard Kipling’s The Jungle Book: “Aquila, captain of a wolf team, grows up and relieves discipline. Young wolves can’t wait to miss an Aquila to jump first in deer hunting, because She will lose her leadership rank and die. “


This is how the law of the forest desires, summarizing the paper, immediately states that, given the analogy, in the midst of the laws of the forest, the main role plays what is so natural that it may not even happen to us: strength, flexibility, mobility. “His newly educated man barely knew these concepts. But he was forced to know him the moment his fate forced him to fight, many times for just his life. After all, we saw it in the war,” continues the newspaper in 1931, also covering the uncommon Today: It is most concerned with the delicate functioning of your brain.

A mature man refers to the 40-45 age group, and among the dangers, the article mentions obesity, atherosclerosis, heart disease and asthma. It can be said that there is nothing new under the sun, but what is new and what is rarely announced today is that “healthy sports should be chosen at all ages, and healthy sports will be different from person to person.” there he is! Twenty years: track and field, 25 years: football, 30 years: athletics, 35 years: swimming, fencing, 40 years: tennis, and between the ages of 50 and 70, “Tourism that always refreshes the body and soul”.

Plus, of course, it doesn’t hurt to give up smoke-filled cafés, to stay away from alcohol, and especially to live with easy-to-eat foods. Keep in mind that the proposal is ninety years old, when the average life span in Hungary was 50.8 years.

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We can live with the motto that sport is life, strength and health, which, with all its facts, can hardly be generalized. An example of this is the performance of Sándor Pósta, Olympic gold medalist in fencing in Paris (1924), unhealthy body sweating (doctor, journalist, cartoonist, composer, translator). On top of that, high school guys are raised to compete in the first place rather than being trained, so they can quickly knock out everything.

The students weren’t in an easy position anyway if they wanted to play sports – regardless of age. The clubs had to open their courses to the kids on Mondays, but that was only one day a week. Undergraduates, for example, have only two jobs – five thousand students. So due to crowding, many people turn their backs for sports. Then, thanks to the National Sports Campaign (also), the Kisuk Stadium (later the Iron and Builders Track) was handed over in Nebeljeet in 1937, and a lot has changed.

Ten years later (1941) National Sports published disturbing data – albeit from Switzerland. The Zurich Sports Survey showed that out of 8,000 young people, only 2 to 3% of their organizations were found to be flawless in all respects, 10% were placed in the right category, and the rest were weak and unfit. Publishing is not accidental, they want to draw attention to the fact that training for young people does not depend on the number of physical education classes, but on what the educators are studying. It may also be related to conditions of war that the author of the article emphasizes martial arts because it not only train the body, but also educate self-discipline, perseverance, and overcome fatigue and pain. It is no longer a question of not everyone being suited to martial arts, but the generalization of the gentleman, which later became available in various campaigns, by which I mean the principle of “let’s fall and do it.”

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A great example of this was the 1950s MHK (Ready to Fight for Action) movement, where everyone tried everything. Naturally, a Soviet model (GTO, i.e., ready for action and defense) prevailed with us, but what was revolving around it could be seen by anyone watching Martin Keleti’s film, the title Crossing: Civil on the Field (1951). Sándor Tompa, an actor with a great personality, does gymnastics with a handkerchief on his head as the leading fighter in the factory testers of the unforgettable Kálmán Latabár.

Campaigns came and went, but the stats were more important than health. That is why it was great for the Moscow Olympics (1980) before the Olympic Series gold badges. On the one hand, the stakes were real, the testers were able to win a trip to the games, and on the other hand, hard-to-reach levels were set. Entrepreneurs had to cycle (100 km), hike (30 km), run (around Lake Velence: 28), swim (Riffulope – Balatonbogler: 5.2) and canoe (around Szentendre Island: 72). He had to be prepared for that, that is, it is a good thing, this is another matter that whoever broke into it without any kind of preparation or advice, not only did he succeed in passing the test, but could also hate the movement.
Incidentally, at the time, 15 percent of adults exercised regularly and 12 percent occasionally. That’s a total of 27 percent, which is a good number compared to the past. As for the popularity of the sports, swimming, running, cycling and mini-soccer were the ranking.
Until then, no one cared who was fit for what, as they do today. Because I receive a lot of good advice on how to start, keep running, cycling, swimming, whatever else, but I have yet to find a trail on the World Wide Web for who and what tells me what my sport is and how to do it well.

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For me, I’ve been running for decades, and I’ve been touring Margaret Island for more than ten years, when – I still remember – shortly before the Arpad Bridge I was approached by a great midfielder, since at least what a great coach, Janus. Turuk, the right method. Patiently, praise, rebuke, and since it’s not about atomic physics, I’ve been watching it ever since, and I’ve been observing my movement ever since. It didn’t become a deer, but it fell (even) better, the movement is falling.

The point is that it will not harm not only kids who are supposed to be professionals, but also hobbyists who are eager to play sports, and for everyone to know what to choose, and what to do. Basically, according to a survey conducted by Intersport Hungary today, 61.6% of our citizens consider sport to be an active factor in their life, while 36.1% train several times a week. In comparison, among the most popular sports today, cycling (43.9 percent) was able to excel at caring for the so-called long-term hunger, running (33.3), the quality of shoes and sunglasses is no joke, and swimming (29.5), if we jump into a bath. Swimming to help our spine and waist, only do this when we really have a few complaints.

As a runner, I’ve heard that a lot, they just don’t understand, because he’s only worth running behind the ball. It’s for you to take your opinion seriously and accept it, mainly because you are honest. I always answer, well let’s run, whether it’s swimming, biking or hiking – who we are. Here is the point of who and what, since we are not the same, our bodies, and our material potentials are not the same. As for Aqeelah, her story is noble, elegant, useful, truthful, and blasphemous: human.

We write a book of the jungle.