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The largest family tree of the human race has been completed

All people on Earth make up one large family, as evidenced by the most comprehensive family tree ever made by Homo sapiens, with nearly 231 million lineages, unveiled Thursday. Researchers at MIT, Oxford and Cambridge have created a family tree based on data from the modern and ancient genomes of more than 3,600 people around the world, which they call “the genealogy of all.” Qubit.

A study published in the journal Science helps identify human genetic diversity and map how people relate to each other around the world. The researchers also point out that our species originated in Africa before spreading to other parts of the planet – the oldest roots of genetic diversity in humans go back to northeastern Africa, even before the human race.

“The oldest ancestors that we have identified can be traced back to a geographical location in what is now Sudan. These ancestors may have lived a million years ago and even much earlier, which is much older than current estimates of the age of Homo sapiens, 250-300 thousand years,” said Anthony Wilder One, The researcher at the Joint Institute of Genomics at MIT and Harvard University told Reuters that some parts of our genomes come from individuals we don’t recognize as modern humans.

These genetic traces likely came from the species Homo erectus, which lived about 1.9 million to 110,000 years ago and was the first species in evolutionary history to have body dimensions similar to those of modern humans. According to the study, the genetic lineage of extinct species such as Neanderthals or Genoese is still alive today in almost all parts of the world, with the exception of Africa, Cobbett wrote.

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