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The largest moon in the solar system was photographed by the Juno spacecraft

The Juno spacecraft is investigating Jupiter, however, during its extended mission, it flew near the icy moon on June 7, 2021, and in the coming years will have more close flights near moons called Europa and Io.
He has already sent his first two photos of Ganymedes to Earth, Reported by JPL.

In one shot, we can see the moon bathed in sunlight at the edge of the field of view in the JunoCam image, the first image was taken through the green color filter, but if images taken with other color filters come home, professionals will be able to put together a color image of the moon the giant. Image resolution is approx. 1 km.

This image was taken by the navigation camera and the illumination is provided by light reflected from Jupiter.

Source: NASA / JPL-Caltech / SwRI

Another monochrome image taken by Juno’s navigation camera (SRU) shows small details of Ganymedes, this time not darkened by the sun but by light reflected from Jupiter. The navigation camera is perfect for capturing such faint, faint objects. The image resolution is 600-900 meters per pixel.

Images and measurements taken during the close flights of the Juno spacecraft will provide results from Ganymedes from which its composition, magnetosphere, ionosphere and ice crust can also be inferred. Meanwhile, the probe also makes measurements that provide important information about the radioactive environment around Jupiter for later missions.

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