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The latest ASUS ROG Ally update doesn’t fix the controller burn-in issue either

The latest ASUS ROG Ally update doesn’t fix the controller burn-in issue either

So far, there is no indication that ASUS has fixed the bug affecting microSD cards.

For those driven by the raw power of hardware and a high-resolution screen, rather than the Steam Deck, it might be worth considering the ASUS ROG Ally, which debuted in June and is the most promising competitor to Valve’s handheld-laptop-console hybrid so far.

At the same time, the display still needs to be refined, because the overall picture on the software side is not very smooth, and a bug has recently been exposed. As a result, ROG Allys is baking microSD expansion cards one by one. The serious problem was acknowledged by ASUS itself a few weeks ago, promising an update to address this phenomenon, but the public is still waiting in vain for it.

It’s the latest update for ROG Ally He makes a series of changes, but microSD cards aren’t even mentioned in its description. Instead, the package offers fine tuning such as reducing the minimum brightness from 25 to 10 nits, optimizing performance mode or supporting 30W charging with 65W data allowances.

So it is still not known when ASUS will try to fix the bug affecting the cards. Anyway, the manufacturer wrote in a previous social post that the problem only occurs under ā€œcertain temperature conditions,ā€ so it will be remedied by setting the default and minimum fan speed.

It’s been several days since the last update was released, but ROG Ally has only received 3 larger packages since its launch in June, which means that at current pace, it could take weeks for a microSD fix to arrive.

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