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The left-wing “intelligence” law did not stand in the way of science at the time

Unfortunately, a large portion of Hungarian voters also believe that the liberal opinion-makers, the opponents’ mdiaelite, are meaningful people. Unfortunately, it only depends on the identity of the saint.

2021. Prilis 20. 00:46

Just as leftists and liberals say that humor is their kind, so too should the “intelligence” be left and liberal in our opinion. All that is true about this is that there are liberals and leftists who see themselves as meaningful. Unfortunately, a large portion of Hungarian voters also believe that the liberal opinion-makers, the opponents’ mdiaelite, are meaningful people. Unfortunately, it only depends on the identity of the saint. But collegiate thinking of Palberley also shook the opposition community during its risky campaign against vaccination.

It is hard to find a vaccine skeptic who opposes the knai vaccine for fear of opposition that believes that the Knai vaccine smartphone almost certainly does not work, as it reads and hears the wisdom of rejecting the Knai vaccine and Russian. However, producing fully functional computer and hardware parts is not more technically complicated, because it is smart, than vaccines. And dear user cannot know anything about whole mechanics as well as quantum mechanics, which, by the way, is not the basis for both. We’re talking about things where the actual problem is, knowledge acquisition is not about people, it’s about people. If you take fradtsgot. But he doesn’t take it. That is why humanity has revealed the ideal specialization in modern society. We don’t have to understand what Nobel Prize winners do, we just have to use what those who can do.

But modern science is often terribly scary and complicated, which is why we learned to read and tell everyone, so we can explain to everyone on their level what, for example, what to do in an emergency. We maintain a huge information system to help opinion holders convince people of what’s in store for them in an emergency. Because we are so free that cowardice cannot give us an “order” in our favor. Because a mask, for example, is an unprecedented violation of our freedom, and it should not be worn because of vrus, but because of the ugly government.

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Somehow it turns out that opinion leaders, celebrities, jsgrk, and propagandists in North Atlantic Civilization were almost all left-wing. Since it deals with “the social sciences”, a large number of university scholars work in the field of ideology. In Hungary, there were 40 + 20 people to cover all points of contact and art.

However, they are only prepared to use their influence for the benefit of their political groups, and not for the benefit of the country and the people at all.

If we think about it, I can only imagine that this liberal liberal opposition force refused to do anything in the fight against the law. I am not thinking of supporting the government’s administration of justice, but in the fact that none of the measures that elementary science and science deemed important were issued from the very first moment of the law. And why do we keep these people like a thousand? Intellectuals, scholars, intellect, the word, who, on the basis of the sacred conviction of cowardice, endow society with the wisest status. We don’t think physicists, doctors, virologists and mathematicians are smart, but K. Others are only if they are politically rational and of course liberal.

So, what is the liberal meaning of the meaning in this galactic cake, what have you been dealing with all your time? With the government, with Fides, with our minister, with the right, not with the fight against the law. He didn’t even have the means to participate in shaping a discipline-oriented mood. Not everyone has to follow the rules, wear a mask, cut back on their encounters with others, or take care of loved ones or loved ones. Instead, they traveled to make people insecure about all the important issues, the country is already in bad shape, health is, and it doesn’t matter. There is not enough mask, there is only a wrong quality, it is not free, it is free, but someone is looking for a lot of it. Then they sold the same thing with ventilators. Then also about the ventilation itself. Should, should not, be well ventilated, not well, not treated according to “x or y” protocol. The goal has always been to create uncertainty about the relevance of professionally important business decisions. The point of view of the experts, the heroics of Hungarians who performed many heroic deeds and the deeds of others was not counted, but there was always one more person, an opposition politician and a liberal.

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Anti-racist recipients DJ Mikkels Radanti, Best Gerge (b), Janus Gilfaji (s) and TV broadcaster Vv Istvn (j) have a meaningful anti-racist conversation. Budapest, March 21, 2008. MTI Fot: Sos Lajos

We are in a world where vaccination-based prevention is one of our greatest success stories. In Europe, you could say that millions of people are only there because they got their vaccinations on time. Inoculating the immune system against a potential infection is one of the greatest success stories in Western science. According to Sz, we have a unique experience with several tzmillird vaccines. The experts were of the opinion that the available extinguishing agents would be technologically safe and effective in all circumstances. The Hungarian-Paliberian mentality did not join support for the vaccine either at the height of the third wave. There are millions of people who believed – and thanks to irresponsible public domain owners – and other mental patients on the net that vaccines are more dangerous than vrus. Even then, only the liberal intellectual class was politicized, dictating dictatorship, and it served the interests of some Western companies in the economic climate among vaccine manufacturers.

Hungarian left intellectuals attempted to create an atmosphere that not only created a suitable framework for defense, but only served the political interests of the opposition. It follows that these people are not Hungarian intellectuals, nor are they truly cultured. Whoever rebels against the word “Jinan” due to ideology, and wants to forget the scientific facts for political reasons, does not make sense. It’s a pitiful flu that pays my money. It’s not that they did it, but rather that they knew exactly: They are not telling the truth about humans. This is true even if, meanwhile, the government believed that the government was lying. Because, meanwhile, cheese, in general, have also encountered scientific worlds. Just as globalization was not popular in matters of vaccine manufacturing when it became clear that effective vaccines could be taken from the East. And it is these people who have defined the Hungarian conversation for the past 30 years. It would be a great time to forget them.

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Why do we think it makes sense in Hungarian money? Regardless of their political affiliation, they have proven inadequate for the roles. They faced the nation’s unnecessary interests. What should it take for these people to consider reality as more important than their ideological rhetoric and subsequent selection?

Bottond Plent

Cmkp: TV presenter István Vg, Ivn Vitnyi, national representative of MSZP and media sociologist Vsrhelyi Mria, former member of the Hungarian Democratic Pact (2011), typical left-wing literary MTI Fot: Kallos Bea