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The life of the royal family has been completely changed due to the deteriorating health of Queen Elizabeth

after, after Queen ElizabethReluctant to go to the hospital, and at the same time, reluctant to cancel his appearance, new rules Royal familyin: The ruler does not go anywhere alone.

This is amazing telegraph To his knowledge, it means precisely that during the royal visits II. In addition to Elizabeth, another senior member of the family will always be scheduled, giving the Queen a chance if an event is called off. (because ShouldBecause he probably won’t do it alone, circumstances still force him to do so.) Thus, the public will not be disappointed because no one from the ruling family appeared on the scene. Although it is not at all uncommon for the Queen to accompany other members of the family at an event, the newspaper knows that it will be an obligatory custom from now on.

Incidentally, the Queen was not only forced to cancel her official visits during the days, but she was also unable to appear more in person than to attend Sunday Mass. The Times of London According to Queen Elizabeth, she now has to rely a lot on medical instructions, so the date of her return is somewhat uncertain.

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