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The madness continues: the classic Doom is already running on the motherboard BIOS

Over the years, the original Doom in 1993 launched so much that it’s not easy to determine which “platform” the craziest classic FPS reloaded of id Software. We may have already met the game on Twitter, on a toaster, but there were those who advocated running a batch of French fries. A recent case highlighted that there is more room for escalation. It is now also possible to shoot demons on a simple motherboard firmware.

Coreboot is not a traditional BIOS, but an alternative to running open source software called Payloads that is designed to be more open and faster than the systems used by manufacturers. And for coreboot 4.17 a very interesting payload is available, which actually makes the Doom machine out of our PC.

This is because with coreDOOM, the system enters Doom 1993 immediately after booting, and in principle a machine can only run this single game in this way. Of course, the experience is far from ideal, as there is no save option and things do not support sounds. However, this is great, since the game still runs directly from the BIOS of the motherboard, which, thanks to its small size, fits well in the ROM.

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