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The Magic Keyboard with Touch ID is useful for all M1 Macs

It’s not just the newly announced iMacs that can be used with Touch ID Magic Keyboard.

Not only did the new iMac debut at an Apple event on April 20, but it also featured a new Magic Keyboard with Touch ID sensor. Few places have noticed this, but this keyboard isn’t just for new iMacs In order to support, But all Apple Macs with the manufacturer’s M1 processor.

Although it also uses the M1 chip, the new iPad Pro does not take up the new keyboard sensor. Additionally, for now, the new keyboard will only be offered alongside the M1 iMac.

Source: apples

Although MacBooks have a long history of built-in Touch ID, this is the first time that technology has appeared in an add-on. The biometric ID mode can be used to log in, authorize purchases, or sign in to third-party applications. The new keyboard is small in size and available in full size.

Unfortunately, Intel-based Macs can’t use the new Touch ID feature for the keyboard (because the M1 chip is based on the Secure Enclave to encrypt information) – but the keyboard itself does. The Touch ID keyboard is expected to be available separately over time.

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