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The main camera of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 may also be familiar

Another camera, not any of the Samsung S22 series, can be grabbed by the foldable smartphone from the manufacturer.

In the second month of the year, we can already see what it might look like Samsung’s next foldable phone, Galaxy Z Fold4then a little later Once again, the alleged device gave a sign of life.

Not long ago The internet has distracted us with other important informationBased on that, we can now suspect that the manufacturer will recycle the telephoto lens found in the Galaxy S22 and S22+ phones.

Meanwhile, rumors swirled again that the Galaxy Z Fold4 might actually have a 108MP main camera, which might be exactly the same HM3 sensor that Samsung packed in the Galaxy S22 Ultra. The information was provided by a trusted leaker, Dohyun Kim, so it sure makes the situation more confident this time around that the forum isn’t a questionable reputation.

The obvious good news is that Samsung seems to have learned from its previous mistake and will not equip its new foldable mobile phone with cameras that lag behind the lenses placed in the flagship. Provided that the information is correct, of course.

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