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The main topic of the meeting between the British and Hungarian defense ministers was NATO involvement

Hungary is firmly in NATO, Defense Minister Deborah Benko said after receiving British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace in Budapest on Monday. Wallace stressed that Central Europe was important not only for the UK but also for NATO.

After the meeting, the two ministers held a joint press conference. Ben Wallace stressed that Central Europe was important not only for the UK but also for NATO. The British Minister explained that if the Russian occupation turns into an invasion of Ukraine, Hungary will also be greatly affected, so the unity of the North Atlantic Defense Alliance is important.

They see the security situation in Europe in the same way, they respect the Russian-Ukrainian conflict in the same way, said Thibor Benko during a meeting with the British Minister.

The two defense ministers agreed on how to defuse the Russia-Ukraine conflict. “The worst is yet to come,” they agreed.

Ministers were also asked about Orban’s trip to Moscow

Asked if Prime Minister Victor Orban would hold talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin in the current context, Thibor Benko said talks were always timely. NATO also puts negotiations first, not to prevent, but to armed struggle. So the trial should not be dismissed, on the contrary, it is necessary.

Responding to the same question, Ben Wallace said he did not think it would be wrong to hold talks with Vladimir Putin at any time. The British Minister said that Victor Orban’s visit to Russia would be a good opportunity to mediate the interests of Hungary and NATO.

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NATO troops in the conflict zone in Ukraine

Ben Wallace insisted that the UK had provided troops to NATO, not to a specific country. The North Atlantic system must decide what to do with the British units.

Depor Benko stressed that the Hungarian army has developed a lot since 2017, and its capabilities can solve tasks arising from the Russian-Ukrainian conflict. That is why there is no need to send other countries’ armed forces to Hungary.

Thanks to the English

Dipor Benco thanked his colleague for expelling 540 men from Afghanistan because the English soldiers handled the situation flexibly. It could have saved many lives, he said.

The Hungarian minister thanked his colleague for acknowledging that Hungary has a strong military and “excellent NATO capabilities”.