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The Masked Singer: Adél Csobot Was Automatic

The masked singer In its eighth broadcast, in which Matti Garay joined the investigators this time as a guest investigator, only 5 mysterious speakers remained in the competition. In the first duel, Hippopotamus and Shark compete, and Shark emerges victorious from their clash. The second duel was a three-way duel between Knight, Ass, Automatic and Chameleon.

At the decision of the studio’s seated spectators and detectives, Shark, Knight and Ass, Hippopotamus, and Chameleon advanced to Top4, so the vending machine had to reveal itself.

Automata only went two tours in The Masked Singer – Photo: Press Club

Previous advice to investigators was: Kati Wolf, Balázs Havasi, Cinthya Dictator, Edina Kulcsár and Eszter Iszak, but in the current broadcast they unanimously said that Adél Csobot was hiding the mask.

And really! from the robotic uniform Adél Csobot stepped forward.

Adél Csobot was the last to be unveiled

Adél Csobot was the last to be revealed – Photo: Press Club

automatic masked singer

Adele as a Zobot couldn't say anything to the Divine Benedict either

Adél Csobot couldn’t say anything to Divine Bence either – Photo: Press Club

Divine Bence told his partner that he had already guessed that Adel was hiding behind a vending machine mask because he suspected that Adel’s singing lessons were too long. Once he was with a singing teacher for 3 hours – at least that’s what he told Pence back home.

When asked by Zsófi Szabó, Adél Csobot revealed that she only opened up to her mom and Bence’s mom to appear on the show.

unveil! It was under the automated mask:

Check out Automatic masked singerproductions in!

Already next Sunday masked singer The semi-finals are coming up, and the day after (Monday) the finals. There are only four left in the race: the hippopotamus, the shark, the jockey and the donkey, and the chameleon, and them disguised singer Season 3 winner.

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So far, they’ve disguised themselves as the singer’s masked outfit: