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The McLaren Legends board dates back to the Grand Duke of Monaco

McLaren has announced that it will show off unique Monaco Grandmother htvgj panels. The Wokingians are reverting to an earlier level of color.

The McLaren in Monaci Nagydjon returns to the Unique Car Festivals in use in the late 1960s and early 1970s. Woking Stable provided all of this to the public in the form of a video uploaded to YouTube.

The team returns to Papaya Crayon-Vilgosk after signing another sponsorship agreement with an oil company called Al Khaleej last year. The previous line of business was similar to the F1 Series and the American Can-Am Series.

According to McLaren, “with one of the most emblematic paintings,” we want to celebrate the return of the Monaco grandmother, who missed last year. From this, as well as from the videos, it turns out that not only the license plate will be distinguished, but also the pilots, Lando Norris and Daniel Ricciardo, will wear such a color throughout the heat.

The helmets will not differ from the usual helmets, because the historical colors can be discovered here as well, and we would like to draw attention to the importance of mental health with our decade organizer, Minddal.

McLaren emphasized that fans could be a part of this heat in some way, as the team’s online store can purchase a lot of clothes made in this color. Woking is wrapping up with a film about the two brands shortly before the heat.

“With this, McLaren pays tribute to the design of the Gulf-branded racing cars,” said Zach Brown, Principal Director of McLaren Racing. “We are staunch supporters of bold design and btor, and Gulf kkje is one of the most popular paintings in the world of racing, a part of our culture that shows the limits of motorsport. Design has always been important to McLaren, and it is found everywhere, from papaya to our superb hub.” We look forward to presenting this and celebrating with pride our alliance with the Gulf region in Monaco. “

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McLaren Special Paints will participate in the Grand Duchy of Monaco – GalleriaForers: McLaren Racing

Gulf sa McLaren’s relationship dates back to 1968 and is one of the most successful collaborations in motorsport. “We are very excited to pay tribute to the classic era with the appearance of honor at the Grand Duke of Monaco, the most exciting and elegant event of Formula 1 race day,” said Mike Jones, CEO of Gulf Oil.

It seems that Lando and Daniel, as well as the entire McLaren team, are interacting, and this look is so special that we can’t wait to introduce it to motorsport fans all over the world. The distinct races and the orange bay colors are gone. It is a wonderful vacation moment to return to Formula 1 with McLaren and show it in Monaco. “