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The meme of insulting the leader of China is also hidden in the leaked game source code

The Cybeprunk 2077 patch is in full swing, and in 2022 we hope to laugh at the many horrors that have occurred with CD Project RED and the game long awaited by many. The sci-fi role-playing game came to the fore due to performance issues in the console versions of the previous generation and a sea of ​​not only funny bugs, but also because hackers gained access to the source codes for The Witchers and CP 2077. From the latter, a line of code leakage could also deteriorate Chinese relations.

redditn Share with a user the following image showing the line(s) of code that applies to different censored or censored parts of Cyberpunk 2077. Among these data, “Censor_WinnieThePooh” is data of interest to us, “China” has been added as a comment. “Winnie the Pooh” means “Pooh” in Hungarian and is basically an innocent Disney character that everyone loves. Well, who does not know, Chinese President Xi Qin-ping does not like this character because he was once compared to him in the form of memes, but the censors have never been or have never been in a humorous mood, which is why they still prefer to ban Pooh content, so, For example, the 2018 movie My Friend, Robert Gida and related character from Kingdom Hearts 3 also fell victim to this ordeal.

Of course, people in the Internet and people in other parts of the world were not very interested in this; For this reason, it may be difficult for the relationship between the CD project and China to name a Disney character at the time the game files were chosen for censorship on the Chinese version. Sure, the developers didn’t expect this to appear at all, but a hacker attack was the result.

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Another unfavorable news about the CD project is that one of the contributors wants to change management, and perhaps the game will remain in multiplayer mode.

Hacked Code Line (Source: reddit)