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The men’s shirt team defeated Brazil in the World Cup

After their smooth victory over Montenegro on Tuesday, Hungary won the world championship for the second time. At the 2016 Olympics, the men’s shirts met with Brazil, then our team won both times. Of their then-purchased team that reached the quarter-finals, only Guimarães remained for the time being. The best Brazilian goalkeeper, Joao Coimbra, was not in the frame as he is likely to continue his career in Serbian colours.

First Quarter: 7-1

It started with a seven-meter drop to Mannhich, the first OSC player in the tournament, who opened with a beautiful goal. Dénes Varga continued with a two-meter flick, then Manhercz followed by the wind. The Brazilians took advantage of their first human advantage in Pedroso’s precise shot. The left Borian scored Hungary’s fourth goal, then Angel and Pohl sold a penalty kick. Jergo Zalanke was one of the top scorers in the first quarter.

Second Quarter: 11-3

At the beginning of the game, the left hand flashes, and the Vámos and Zalánki bombs are also defenseless. The Brazilians approached with an early shot, effective from Harry’s center, then Lacerda hit it with a human edge. The quarter-finals ended with a classic goal: Denis Varga put the ball in the middle from a corner throw without looking at the center, turning his back on Odam Nagy who was counting on this solution and was not embarrassed.

Third Quarter: 4-15

Replacing the Brazilian goalkeeper Mendes with his minutes and achievements, Freitas scored a superb goal, then Angel found his way into the Brazilian goal. Harry fought for five meters, this time he sold Dennis Varga, Mendes could not help but touch the ball. However, with Zalánki’s powerful and accurate shot, he was no longer able to do anything. At the end of the quarter, Ádám Nagy again scored the last Hungarian goal, pounding it under the bar from an eight-meter height.

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Final quarter: 6-20

Pedroso did not run into the goal behind the goal line, Marton Levi hit the ball, and Dean Varga’s loose shot was Hungary’s 16th goal. Tamás Mezei scored the goal, and each Hungarian player’s name was listed among the scorers. Angle and Harry’s close-ups made up a 15-goal difference (19-4) four minutes from time. Djamal Guimarães, Ádám Nagy scored the last Hungarian goal this quarter as well, firing straight ahead from the penalty spot. But Paula set the final score two seconds before the end. The man of the match was Dénes Varga of Ferencváros.

Georgia will follow on Saturday, a win is mandatory for them too, and if there is one, Tamas Marks’ team can go straight into the quarter-finals.

  • Top scorers: Zalánki, Varga, Nagy 3-3, Manhercz, Angel, Hárai 2-2, Pohl, Jansik, Burián, Vámos, Mezei 1-1 and Real 2, Pedroso, Lacerda, Guimaraes, De Paula 1-1
  • Group standings: 1. Hungary 4 points, 2. Georgia 2, 3. Montenegro 2, 4. Brazil 0.