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The miserable sound game continues

  • The richest and best genetics leaves the planet uninhabitable
  • Later, they returned to the land, which became an adventure park
  • However, the classy boy, Athena, is stuck here among the monsters and bloodthirsty tribes
  • over here you can hear it Odapine previous episodes

It first appeared in January Odapine It is a massive Hungarian audio game. In an online series acclaimed by both science fiction fans and critics alike, the post-apocalyptic world that sets the scene for the story is created without pictures, with just sound effects. So far, three parts of it have been published The first pest collector radio and the Phoenix hole The sci-fi and fantasy game/library funding series that bears her name, at least one episode is sure to arrive in August as well.


the Odapine Its history takes place in the near future, due to sterility and various natural disasters, when the richest and those with the best genetic pool leave the planet and inhabit the entire solar system. Many humans will be left alone, and the refugees will return to the land, which at the same time has become a huge adventure park, after decades, where they can do anything with the inhabitants through their technical progress. The hero of the story is the son of the ambassador of Callisto, Athenswho is one It was launched on a blue planet full of hungry monsters and bloodthirsty tribes. In the fight to survive, he encounters cruelty of his own kind when he receives help, even in the most unexpected of forms.

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Here you can follow Athena’s story: YoutubeAnd SoundCloudAnd ItunesAnd spotify.

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